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Ochocinco Says Rapper A$AP Rocky Is His Cousin, But Shannon Sharpe Doesn’t Buy It

Nightcap With Unc and Ocho A$AP Rocky convo

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson recently tried to convince his co-host Shannon Sharpe on “Nightcap With Unc and Ocho” that rapper A$AP Rocky is his real-life cousin, but Unc was buying it.

According to Chad Johnson, his grandmother, and A$AP’s grandmother are sisters.

I’m not playing around though… my grandma and his grandma, they’re sisters.

Why you think we look alike? I just ain’t got no hair.

We damn near twins!

Look at me from the side. I’m just telling you, you have to look at me from a certain camera angle, and me and A$AP look just alike.

Ocho tries to convince Unc that he has nothing to lie for, and once the footage comes out A$AP will vouch for him.

Unc said he never heard Ocho call A$AP cuz before, but now that he has Rihanna, he wants to claim him.

Ocho said that has nothing to do with it, and he has childhood pictures of him and A$AP together.

Shannon responded, “You ain’t got no pictures. That man don’t know you.”

Watch the clip from “Nightcap With Unc and Ocho” below.

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