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Rocky Bivens, the husband of Xscape singer, LaTocha Scott, reluctantly addressed allegations of him carrying on a five-year affair with Unykue Foucha.

You may recall that last November, Unykue took to Instagram and announced she was involved with Rocky and was pregnant with his child. 

She later claimed her account was hacked, but when no one believed her, she ultimately claimed Rocky manipulated her into saying her account was hacked.

Rocky’s alleged transgressions took a backseat to all of LaTocha’s drama with her sister, Tamika Scott, and Kandi Burruss.

That is until Tasha K dropped the trailer for her exclusive interview with Rocky’s alleged mistress. 

Against his better judgment, Rocky Bivens jumped on a phone call with Tasha K.

His intent was to discuss Xscape and throw shade at Kandi Burruss, but Tasha K held his feet to the fire about his alleged five-year affair with Unykue Foucha. 

Below you’ll find 5 things Rocky Bivens said regarding his alleged affair with Unykue and the alleged $30,000 he and his wife are accused of stealing from Tamika Scott. 

  • Rocky claims that there isn’t much he can say about the alleged affair because there is a pending lawsuit and the feds are involved. 
  • Rocky says LaTocha Scott is fully aware of the alleged affair and they find the entire thing “laughable.” 
  • Rocky Bivens claims Unykue Foucha is a stalker, a scammer, and a criminal. He added that her whole family are criminals and he’s going to put her in jail. 
  • Rocky admitted that he hasn’t been “perfect” during his 30+ year marriage to LaTocha.
  • Rocky denied stealing $30,000 from Tamika Scott, but he did claim that the royalty company got the sister “mixed up” and was sending LaTocha’s royalty checks to Tamika. 

Unfortunately, Rocky didn’t provide an adequate explanation for the CashApp payments to Unkyue, the five years of text messages and photos between the two of them, and how his name ended up on plane tickets for Unkyue.

But, he did promise to provide Tasha K with his receipts at a later date.

Watch the convo below. 

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