Tamika Scott Addresses Her Beef With Her Sister LaTocha & Her Brother-In-Law Rocky Bivens

Tamika Scott recently went to her YouTube channel to recap episode 2 of “The Queens of R&B,” in particular, the beef that the episode exposed she has with her sister LaTocha and her brother-in-law Rocky Bivens.

At the beginning of the video, Tamika Scott said it was hard for her to watch episode 2 because it brought back a lot of memories, and it was very draining.

The beginning was hard for me to watch.

I ain’t gonna lie y’all. When I saw it last week, literally, I was just so drained I was mentally, physically, spiritually drained.

I stayed in the bed all day, like, Princess didn’t even go to school… at all! I was just there in my room.

You have to watch it on TV it’s like you’re reliving it, and then all these memories come back, and it was just crazy.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way. We weren’t supposed to talk our family business in front of the cameras.

And I know y’all tired of me saying that, but that bothered me a lot, and it still bothers me because I was trying to get with my sister way before we filmed to squash whatever beef we had.

Because you don’t do this. You don’t, you know what I mean?…

We come from a family where you don’t tell nobody your business you deal with it behind closed doors.

 But, again, you know, my sister wanted it her way. That conversation we had on camera should’ve been had off camera.

And like I said before because it wasn’t… it’s playing out now on TV.

Never ever meant to say anything about that incident because, like I said, I forgave her. 

Nobody knew about it, but I just felt attacked. That was the first thing that came out that took me to my comfort zone because I knew once I started telling the truth on top of her lies that she would be quiet, and she was quiet.

The incident that Tamika Scott is referencing is her exposing in the first two episodes of “Xscape & SWV: The Queens of R&B” that her sister LaTocha and her sister’s husband Rocky allegedly stole some royalty money from her back in the 2000s, through a royalty company that she wasn’t aware of at the time.

Ironically, later in the video (8:00 mark), Tamika continued to talk about family business by exposing her brother-in-law, Rocky Bivens, character.

Yeah, I was a little hurt when I saw my sister and… because she just was like she just let him say whatever.

I felt like that was a threat!… 

So I’m just trying to figure out what the consequences, so I’m waiting on the consequences to see what those are, for telling the truth.

I know he got something coming because I don’t know if y’all watched “R&B Divas”…

It was a confrontation where on “R&B Divas” he got into it with Nicci Gilbert’s husband, and I was told, allegedly, I took that from Kandi, that he pulled a gun out on her husband.

And after that, it was no more “R&B Divas,” and I heard Nicci say that… she talked about the situation online and she was saying that her husband’s life meant more than that show.

So, I mean you know he’s known to be a bully, he’s known to pull guns out. 

He pulled a gun out on this guy name Lawrence, this producer, and Lawrence was… he had to go to the hospital, and he had a stroke.

So, you know, my sister’s husband he’s a bully!… He’s a bully!…

If y’all ain’t figure that out by now, he’s a bully!

So, I’m just trying to figure out what the consequences are.

Rocky, what are those consequences?…

And, you not going to threaten me like you threatened them.

And you definitely not going to pull a gun out on me like you did them.

Because guess what, my God don’t play with…

But, anyway when they asked what it’s going to take for her and I to I guess mend the problems we having.

When I saw her sitting there… like a dear in headlights, and he came and whispered in her ear… to tell her what to say… to make up with her sister.

That hurt!…

Never lose your identity because of a man or a woman.

Never praise a man or a woman like their God.

There’s only one God y’all that’s it, and when we get to the point… where we’re giving man more praise and honor than we’re giving God…

It’s time to step back and look at what we’re doing.

When Tamika Scott speaks of “consequences” she is referencing the following  comments that Rocky made:

How my name come up?…

I’m sick of being called out by Tamika… because when you scream somebody name you gotta deal with what come with it.

Watch the video below from the @Therealtamikascott YouTube channel:

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  1. You know what, I am getting Ike and Tina vibes from Latocha and Rocky’s relationship he even mimicked Ike on an episode then during a confessional where she was asked a question this man comes behind her and whispers something . I think she is being brainwashed for Rocky’s on selfish reasons
    I try not to read into celebrity BS but all the stories coming out about this man is just horrifying , pics of him with Coleslaws,baby on the way, text messages of Kickbacks, receipts of receiving Tamika’s money is just too much. I love Tamika speaking out and I cried too when she felt her mama was taking Latocha’s side, and I believe her mama look at her and sees her Dad,

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