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Rocky Bivens’ Alleged Mistress Unykue Foucha Says She Was ‘Manipulated’ Into Saying Her Page Was Hacked

Unykue Fouch - LaTocha Scott- Rocky Bivens

Unykue Foucha is now claiming Rocky Bivens manipulated her into claiming her page was hacked after she went public about their alleged affair.

Unykue’s latest claim comes days after she posted a passionate statement about how she would never have an affair with a married man because that’s not her character.

Well, apparently it is.

In her passionate post, Unykue vowed to get to the bottom of who tried to hurt her family and the Scotts with such an outrageous claim.

All of this tomfoolery began the day after the Soul Train Awards aired and Xscape received the Lady of Soul Award.

Rocky was there skinning and grinning as he supported his wife.

Unykue Foucha hopped on social media claiming to have a “complicated relationship” with LaTocha Scott‘s husband and she posted someone’s sonogram photo to imply she was also pregnant by him.

In her latest installment of shenanigans, Unykue posted a video explaining herself as well as another statement that read:

Good Morning! I just wanna say I was misled I was told WE was going to be together. He told me He was married but NOT IN THE MARRIAGE.

That they were not actually together and his plan was to leave her.

I was manipulated into dropping that last post about “My page being hack” I’m guessing for his own selfish reasons.

I apologize to my family and his family for all the confusion. And THAT’S THE TRUTH‼️

See her posts below.


LaTocha Scott has yet to publicly address this extremely messy and embarrassing situation and I honestly doubt that she ever will.

My Spidey senses are telling me this isn’t the first time she’s had to deal with something like this.

Rocky has been quiet as a church mouse. But, I’ll give him a minute…he may be driving.

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