Kandi Burruss speaks on Tamar Braxton and LaTocha Scott

Kandi Burruss took to the streets of YouTube over the weekend to speak on her ongoing drama with Tamar Braxton and her Xscape group member, LaTocha Scott.

You may recall Kandi and Tamar were trading shade on social media last week after the newly engaged “Queens Court star claimed Todd Tucker threatened her.

Kandi maintains her husband never threatened Tamar.

Initially, Tamar claimed that Kandi was upset because she didn’t take sides when asked about Kandi’s beef with Carlos King.

Kandi claims Carlos tried to steal their story to turn it into a TV or film project.

Kandi Burruss says it wasn’t about what she said when asked about it. It was her actions after the fact that rubbed her the wrong way.

My issue was that after the ‘Dish Nation’ interview, she actually went in her [Instagram] Story and reposted the person that I was having a problem with or whatever or past problems with…she reposted them and put, ‘You ain’t got to steal from nobody’ or some type of comment on her Story.

As if what I was saying was a lie, which is what I had a problem with. 

The person that I’m having an issue with…he’s not even talking about this so why are you involving yourself in our business. 

And why are you doubling down on it in your [Instagram] Story if it’s just about you being interviewed on ‘Dish Nation?’

Todd Tucker also appeared in the video with his wife to tell his version of what happened and explained that his alleged threat towards Tamar, “You know what it is,” was actually him speaking to his wife in an effort to deter her from their verbal altercation. 

Tamar Braxton took to Twitter and responded to Kandi writing:

At some point you need to get help for the lies you tell. It really makes no sense at this point. Just own it, apologize and move on.

Y’all sat there and made a whole skit up. It happened. You can’t change it.

Y’all are Bullies and you just tried to bully someone that don’t care.

See the original tweet below.


Kandi Burruss also addressed the infighting with Xscape member LaTocha Scott

Whatever issues LaTocha has with Kandi runs deeper than Kandi’s lower octave and at this point, it appears to be irreparable. 

LaTocha has accused Kandi of crying over her singing lead on songs and she even made fun of Kandi’s singing voice.

During her response, Kandi stated that LaTocha “always comes with some different version of the truth.” 

Kandi went on to address LaTocha’s remarks about her voice. 

Tocha actually made a joke about my voice in her video.

No, this is the part that is really corny of her. You are trying to clown a person’s voice whose voice is leading on half the hits that is your claim to fame. 

The biggest hit that you’ve ever been on – which is just Kickin It – is the voice that you’ve been clowning or that you’re clowning in your video.

I’m cool…I can go back and forth with other people…other people can try to make jokes about my voice or whatever.

But, me and you are in a group together. 

We’re supposed to make money together. 

We’re supposed to hit the stage together. 

You been hearing my voice all these years as you’re making money off of it. 

But, you’re on your video trying to make jokes about my voice. 

The same voice who has accomplished more than you with your amazing voice that you tried to put out there that you have.

Watch Kandi Burruss’ “Speak On It” below.

Y’all we are only three months into 2023 and Xscape, Kandi Burruss, LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott, and Tamar done wore me out!

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