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Days after a post on her Instagram page claimed she had a “complicated relationship” with LaTocha Scott‘s husband, Rocky Bivens, Unykue Foucha says her account was “hacked.”

The model denied having an affair with anyone and said she would never ever knowingly date a married man. 

“That is NOT my character. I was once a married woman myself.”

Unykue Foucha went on to write, “It’s insane that a simple pic at an event turned into a nightmare.”

She went on to share her empathy for those impacted by the alleged “hacking.” 

“I feel for everyone involved because I actually love Xscape. I don’t know what this is about or who would go to these EXTREME measures. But, this was obviously a set up in an attempt to ruin MY FAMILY AND THEIRS!!!”

Unykue vowed to “get to the bottom of this.” 

See her original post below. 

Unykue Foucha was hacked

It appears folks aren’t buying the “my page was hacked” story. 

Read a few reactions to the post below. 

“The I’ve been hacked trick is oldd! So plz explain how you got your Instagram back so fast?”

“Chile……………… but your besties were in the comments going hard defending you.. yeah ok. Smdh”

#lies you posted that s*i& because you was jealous when the was at the award show . Smh Why your friends saying congrats then??”

“Talking bout you gone get to the bottom of it, girl you is at the bottom of it ?”

“That’s okay sis! I believe you! These hackers hell out here. It’s crazy how they picked on you tarnishing your name out here in these social media/vlog streets?? They probably hacked your phone too???”

“How did u get your page back? ??? they must called Olivia Pope & Assoc..”

LaTocha Scott and her husband, Rocky Bivens, did not publicly address the affair claims.

Instead, they announced she’s releasing a Gospel album.

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