Rapper G Herbo Experiences Labor Pains With Birth Simulator

Rapper G Herbo, who is a proud father of 3, recently decided to use a birth simulator after receiving confirmation from his fiancée Taina Williams.

G Herbo’s oldest son is with social media influencer, entrepreneur, and Instagram model Ariana Fletcher (Ari).

His two younger children are with his fiancée Tania Williams, whose mother is “Love & Hip Hop’sEmily B.

Reportedly, he and Taina started dating in 2019.

While on “Kai Cenat Live,” he called his fiancée Ariana and asked her if he should try the birth simulator they had nearby, and she quickly responded, “Oh yeah, you should.”

As G Herbo got scrapped up to the machine and the operator started going through the levels, Ariana was on the phone telling the operator to crank the levels up.

G Herbo went through all the levels from 0-10, making faces and screaming as the pain intensified.

Watch the clip of the G Herbo interview on “Kai Cenat Live” below:

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