Another Blueface & Chrisean Rock Interview Goes From 0-100 Real Quick

Blueface and Chrisean Rock recently did an interview on “The Sharp Tank” podcast under the No Jumper Umbrella, and things quickly got out of control.

When the podcast started, the hosts Sharp and Gina Views questioned Chrisean about why she was teary-eyed, and she whispered, “because I’m drunk.”

She then said it may be because of her period or she might be pregnant.

Watch the clip below:

Later in the interview, things took a sharp turn when Gina asked about episode four of their Zeus reality show “Crazy In Love.”

So the people want to know…

We all just watched episode four of “Crazy In Love.”

Can we know what happened in the moment that before the cameras arrived and your head was bleeding?”

As Blue began to answer the question, Chrisean interjected and said, “Do we really have to talk about that?”

Blue reassured her that he would just touch the surface with his answer because he recognized that she had become agitated by the question.

The question sparked a small argument between them and Chrisean told Blue that she doesn’t want to talk about it and that she doesn’t want him to touch the service if he’s talking for her.

Sharp interjects and says, “So what had happened Blue?” 

Which seemed to upset Chrisean, and shortly thereafter she and Sharp got into it.

Watch the time-stamped clips below:

32 minutes into the interview, Blue told “No Jumper” security to escort Chrisean out of the building so she could calm down.

Once Chrisean returned to the podcast things ended on somewhat of a positive note.

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