Waco The Aftermath - Showtime

Showtime has released the official trailer for the limited series, “Waco: The Aftermath.”

About The Series:

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the tragic events at Mt. Carmel that began on February 28, 1993, “Waco: The Aftermath” focuses on the fallout of the Waco disaster: the trials of the surviving members of the Branch Davidian sect and the rise of homegrown terrorist, Timothy McVeigh. 

The five-episode limited series also provides a broader context for the escalation of the American militia movement, which foreshadows the infamous attacks of the Oklahoma City bombing and the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6. 

The Cast:

The series stars Michael Shannon, John Leguizamo, Giovanni Ribisi, David Costabile, J. Smith Cameron, John Hoogenakker, Keean Johnson, and Abbey Lee.

Premiere Date:

April 14, 2023, only on Showtime

Watch The Trailer:

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