Ari Fletcher - Taina Williams

The ongoing drama between the mothers of G Herbo‘s children appears to be alive and well after Ari Fletcher posted Taina Williams‘ number on Instagram.

Ari, who shares a 5-year-old son, Yosohn Wright, with Herbo, posted, then deleted a number on her Instagram Story.

It didn’t take long for social media sleuths to discover the number was linked to a CashApp account for Taina.

After trending on Twitter and being criticized for posting Taina’s number, Ari Fletcher took to her timeline to share why she did it.

My child was left in her care and she took my son outside somewhere and I called to talk to my son she had my number blocked and told Herb mama I can’t have her number and to take it up with Herb.

If I can’t have a contact on who has my son because you don’t like me then you shouldn’t have my son.

So now everybody got your number. Cause find somebody else to play with.

When someone commented and told Ari Fletcher there was a better way to handle this situation, she begged to differ.

No it wasn’t. I called from numerous numbers, called his dad, called his grandma, DM her. Don’t tell me about better ways!

His dad left town and I didn’t even know so my baby was left with her which isn’t a problem but at least let me have a contact so I can check on my baby. That’s crazy.

Someone suggested Ari buy Yosohn his own phone and she responded, “He’s 5 he don’t remember to take his phone with him everywhere b**ch shut yo dumb a** up!”

Whenever there is drama in the G Herbo’s oil and vinegar blended family, Ari is usually painted as the “bitter baby mama.”

But, Ari Fletcher, who is now in a long-term relationship with rapper MoneyBagg Yo, wants folks to let that narrative go.

Let me say this too real quick cause y’all gotta let the “bitter babymama” thing go.

Respectfully, saying I wanna be with my baby daddy is like saying I’m broke b**ch it’ll never ever happen.

I treat Herb like a brother. I have no desire to f**k with him outside of a co-parenting relationship.

Being a side b**ch to your own baby daddy is the lowest most embarrassing thing you can be in the world.

So cut that s**t OUT!

See Ari’s tweets below.

Ari Fletcher, Taina Williams, and G Herbo are now trending on Twitter as people react to their latest drama.

Read a few tweets below.

Hopefully, G Herbo, Taina Williams, and Ari Fletcher will eventually evolve into a peaceful blended family.

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