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Taina Williams is trending in the streets of Twitter after G Herbo admitted to cheating on Ari Fletcher with her.

The rapper, whose real name is Herbert Randall Wright III, made the admission during his recent interview on “Caresha Please,” hosted by Yung Miami.

When Yung Miami asked why he cheated, Herbo said, “I was young, I was dumb, I didn’t know no better. I was just doing sh*t.” 

“Me and Ari was at a space – I done talked to her about this already. I already said my bid and my piece and apologized. We was at a space – mentally, I be going through sh*t and I gotta separate myself from sh*t. So, me and her were having our differences, but that was no excuse to cheat on her. That was not why I cheated on her.”

Watch the clip below. 

You may recall, years ago, Ari, who shares a son with G Herbo, took to social media and addressed his cheating with Taina Williams while she was dealing with postpartum depression.

She wrote:

Aye I’m not even gone hold y’all, I been VERY quiet and I let mfs live they life when I could’ve got on my bully.

I said the b**ch a bird because her mama reached out to me like she was trying to have a woman (Emily B) to woman conversation and they lied to Herb and said I said some VERY F**KED UP sh*t I never said.

I ain’t never downing the next b**tch to get closer to some d*ck. And as for Herb, stop acting like you didn’t cheat with that b**ch cause you did, you wanted to be like the rest of these rappers so bad and jagged your family while your son was 4 months cause you couldn’t handle me going through my postpartum so instead of being a real n***a and helping me you escaped and started f**king hoes, she was just one of the many.

But you know what is is so I’m to even going go all the way there with you cause one day all this sh*t gone blow over and we still gotta be family.

I’m at a happy place in my life and I just wanna put a end to this sh*t since it’s already out here cause y’all dragging it. 

Taina Williams and G Herbo became a couple and they now share two children together, a son Essex, and a daughter, Emmy. 

G Herbo’s interview on “Caresha Please” sparked chatter in the streets of social media and now Taina is trending. 

One person tweeted, “When Herb first got with Taina everybody said it’s a better look for him because she’s pretty, quiet, classy, etc. Aint sh*t classy bout f**king on a n***a with a newborn baby.”

Read more tweets below. 


Watch G Herbo’s full interview on “Caresha Please” below. 

Taina is no stranger to trending on social media.

You may recall she made headlines a couple of months ago when she called out Fabolous for being a “bitter” absentee father.

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