Method Man as Davis MacLean in 'Power Book II: Ghost' (Courtesy of Starz) and Jayden Steele via TikTok

Wu-Tang Clan rapper and “Power Book II: Ghost” star Method Man has been accused of physically attacking model Jayden Steele back in the ‘90s.

In a video posted on her TikTok account on Monday (December 18), Jayden discussed why so many people are now coming forward with past stories of abuse. 

She asked, “You guys wanna know the reason why all these people are coming forward now telling their stories and they didn’t do it in the past?

Jayden Steele went on to share her personal story of being “physically attacked by a very large rapper in the ’90s who’s actually now an actor right now today.” 

This man attacked me, I defended myself. 10 squad cars were called to the hotel ’cause we tore that b— up. 10 squad cars were called – there wasn’t one police report written about the incident.

I had five officers come up to my room and take a statement. Not one police report was written.

Jayden went on to share that she was advised to “pick her battles.” 

I worked for attorneys at that time in New York, and because my attorneys represented the head of the record label he was on, they told me to pick my battles. You wanna know why? That’s why.

Watch Jayden’s TikTok video below.

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Much like Christian Keyes and Claudia Jordan, Jayden Steele didn’t name the person who allegedly violated her many years ago. 

But, when a commenter flat-out asked in the comments if the rapper was Method Man, Jayden Steele replied, “Yes.” 


While this story has picked up steam on social media, Method Man has not acknowledged it nor has he denied the allegations against him.

The 52-year-old rapper and actor, whose real name is Clifford Smith Jr., focused his efforts on shutting down the fake video of him making comments about Kanye West doing sex acts at a Diddy party after it was reposted by 50 Cent.

Method Man responded to 50’s post writing, “This video fake 5… you and Diddy keep me out of this s—😂😂😂

Jayden Steele has received support from those who believe her story and she’s also received quite a bit of backlash and criticism from those who support Method Man.

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