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While on her press run to promote her forthcoming Lifetime biopic, Wendy Williams gave the scoop on her one night stand with Method Man.

Wendy was chatting with DJ Suss One she recalled, “I smoked a blunt with Method Man, while I gave him a bath, and it was a one night stand.”

Wendy went on to say, “he’ll deny it maybe not,” and that Method Man is still very “angry at her” for “telling the truth.”

Watch the clip below:

For those of you who have followed Wendy Williams’ all the way back to her radio days on WBLS, you know that Method Man has extreme disdain for her because she got on the radio and told the world his wife was battling cancer.

Do you plan to watch her biopic when it airs on Lifetime this Saturday?


  1. He’ll nawl she always talking about somebody but then cry victim when somebody says something about her thats why her husband had a whole nother family cause she was in everybody else tea and business and wasn’t minding her own. Talking out of other folks houses and hers falling down. Did a whole show on Will & Jada guess what they still married.

  2. I think Wendy is trash and she wouldn’t lie her whole platform is
    Built on drama not giving a shit about people’s feelings

  3. Wendy never lied. She told the truths that the liars didn’t want us to know.

    I’m watching!

    She’s a stone cold legend, period.

  4. Method Man is fine as hell…NOW, and Wendy looked better THEN… so maybe they did. Why lie. We all have done some shit back in the day and look back like “what the fuck was I thinking”….. Speaking for Method Man of course. Lol!!!!!

  5. Wendy is well known for creating what is know known as fake new to get a buzz. When she was on the radio in New York that what her whole platform run off. I remember her and Meth had a serious beef at one time over his wife, now if what she is saying was true it would have came out back them. Wendy has a style that when she is falling off or trying to sell something she will come out with some crazy stuff. Wendy back to her old ways

  6. I’m shocked. Wendy looks like Wendell in a wig. I thought she was transgender until I found out about her son. Definitely won’t watch that foolishness. I don’t even like her dumb show.

  7. I wouldn’t watch that trash! She made her career off lies and ignorance with her extremely unattractive azz!

  8. I don’t really like folks kissing and telling all..but can’t say that I’m really all that shocked coming from Wendy. She’s basically built her career off that type of stuff.. dishing the dirt. I didn’t know she had a one night stand with Method Man but I did know about their feud,involving Wendy talking about his wife’s cancer battle. She was wrong for doing that but again that was typical of Messy Wendy on the radio back in the day.

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