Taraji P. Henson and Oprah Winfrey via Instagram

Oprah Winfrey took to Instagram on Friday and shared an appreciation post for Taraji P. Henson where she expressed her admiration for the Oscar-nominated actress and star of the forthcoming film, The Color Purple

The post included photos and videos of Taraji along her press tour, as well as stills from the film.

In the caption, Oprah Winfrey wrote: 

I’ve longed admired Taraji. She can make you laugh, cry, cheer, and feel everything in between. But I had no idea she could SANG!

Taraji the actress: A force. Taraji the singer? A complete revelation. What I love about her portrayal of Shug Avery is that she plays her like a woman who not only sang the blues but had lived the blues. Only Taraji could do that.

She shared that her late father once told her, “You’re going to be one of the greatest actresses alive but wait until the world hears you sing.”

Taraji, the stage is now yours and I already see the standing ovations for you. I’m fiercely welcoming Taraji to the Purple sisterhood and I cannot wait for you to meet her version of Shug.

The Color Purple is in theaters starting Christmas Day💜

See Oprah Winfrey’s original post about Taraji P. Henson below. 

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Do you plan to see The Color Purple when it opens in theaters?

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