Claudia Jordan via Instagram

Claudia Jordan took to Instagram on Thursday and said a Hollywood director, who follows her on social media, drugged one of her friends.

During an Instagram Live, the model and actress said:

There was another director – Black guy. He didn’t ever really blow up that big. He’s done some stuff. He actually drugged one of my friends. Again, I tell y’all things but I don’t them all the way. I say that part that I’ve been allowed to say.

So, one of my friends she was actually drugged by this director. And he follows me.

Hello. Hello, MF. And your time’s gonna come. It’s going to come, I’m just letting you know you know right now your time will come. 

Claudia Jordan went on to say that her friend was not sexually assaulted and she was able to escape.

The friend flagged down a police officer and they tested the water given to her by the director and it tested positive for the date rape drug (GHB).

It’s unclear why charges were not pressed at that time.

Claudia Jordan went on to share that she was drugged by someone in the music business

She didn’t share the names of men who were allegedly drugging women, but promised “it’s going to get exposed.”

Here’s the clip:

Watch the full live below. 

Someone reacted to Claudia’s video writing, “Girl be quiet. If ya’ll not naming names we don’t care. Mind your business and let your ‘friend’ speak when she’s ready.”

You may recall that Claudia Jordan was very vocal after her friend, Christian Keyes, alleged a very powerful man in Hollywood had been sexually harassing him for years.

She commented on Christian’s post with words of support, then took to her social media to drop more hints about who his alleged predator was.

Hopefully, predators will be reported to the police rather than social media timelines.

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