Christian Keyes attends the premiere screening for the new BET+ and Tyler Perry Studios' scripted series "All The Queen's Men" on September 09, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET )

Christian Keyes took to Threads on Thursday to offer another Blues Clue about the identity of the powerful man in Hollywood who allegedly sexually assaulted him and has sexually harassed him for years.

The “All The Queens Men” creator and star said that the negative and ignorant comments he’s received are the exact reason why men…especially Black men don’t speak out when they have been victimized. 

Christian then went on to confirm that the name of his alleged predator has been posted in the comments because “that’s how many people know what’s going on.” 

Some of these negative and ignorant comments, are the exact reason that men, especially black men don’t talk about this kind of stuff…

I pray that the people making the comments, never have to experience anything like this…

And y’all have said “his” name in the comments which is crazy, because that’s how many people know what’s going on. Trying to find the strength to finish this race.🙏🏾

See Christian Keyes’ original post below. 

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The negative and ignorant comments the actor may be referring to are people who are now calling him out and accusing him of seeking attention and clout chasing. 

One commenter wrote: 

Now Christian. Why are you telling us? What are we supposed to do about it? You have a few options. Keep it between you and your therapist, go to the police, or talk to your lawyer. Right now it seems attention seeking.

Bobby Lytes of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” was very critical of Christian when he took to Twitter writing: 

Christian Keyes is a clout chasing beast. Boy you either gonna say the name or not. At this point you think it’s a game, and it’s so clear you’re loving the high you’re on right now.

Sit yo a— down somewhere we all know you’re one of the gworls anyways. It’s giving somebody need money and they black mailing (allegedly).

What’s interesting is that for every negative and/or ignorant comment Christian receives there are 20-30 supportive, uplifting, and encouraging comments from a community of people who have his back.

But, he doesn’t seem to be focusing on that. 

However, Christian did favorite the following tweet from Jason Lee:

I pray Christian Keyes gets the healing he needs and that he goes to the police before he goes back to social media.

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