Who Won Mendeecees & Cam’ron’s Tap Dance Battle?

Mendeecees Harris & Cam'ron’s Tap Dance Battle Has Instagram In Stitches

Mendeecees Harris of “Love & Hip Hop” and rapper Cam’ron recently faced off in a hilarious tap dance battle that has Instagram in stitches.

The funniest thing about the video, aside from the footwork, is how both of them kept a straight face during the battle.

The video picks up with Mendeecees going first, and then Cam’ron hits the floor and adds some flare with a jacket toss before returning to his spot.

Mendeecees Harris captioned his post:

This might be the funniest $hit I ever did in my Life 🤞🏽 📣🗣️challenge The battle begins between me & @mr_camron 😅😂 who y’all think won?? @yandysmith on the sideline dying 😭😭😭😂

Watch Mendeecees original IG post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Mendeecees comment 1.
Mendeecees comment 2.
Mendeecees comment 3.
Camron comment 4.

Who do you think won the tap battle?

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