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Cam’ron apologized to Abby D. Phillip for his shenanigans-filled CNN interview with her last month.

The interview played out like a skit on MAD TV as Abby tried to ask Cam about his thoughts, views, opinions, and personal experiences with Diddy.

The Harlem native took offense to the network bringing him on to discuss Diddy and his transgression as opposed to his podcast and all the great things Mase does to encourage and empower children.

While his behavior entertained some, Cam’ron was heavily criticized for his actions and Abby was applauded for how she handled the interview. 

On Monday, Cam apologized to Abby in an Instagram freestyle where he rapped over the track to Black Rob’s (RIP) timeless hit, “WHOA.”

In the rap, Cam’ron says:

I thought the FBI wouldn’t care about CNN
I put money on the house where you lay your head
Apologize Abby…anything I may have said
But, the play was already read
Get a Black woman and Black man to kill a Black man that’s already dead…wrong

While he was in pocket…Cam’ron also sent a message to Melyssa Ford

You may recall he blasted the former video vixen and current co-host of “The Joe Budden Podcast” something terrible after she insinuated Cam’ron and Mase may have had sex with underaged prostitutes on the December 2, 2023 episode of their pod.

Melyssa Ford later issued a public apology.

I don’t even want to say the phrase, ‘walk it back.’ I’ll just say I apologize. I should never have made that insinuation.

But, the damage was already done.

In his freestyle, Cam’ron appears to have moved past things as he rapped:

Melyssa Ford called Kevin Liles…Steve Stout
What they gone do? I’m Mr. Giles
We good, boo
Killa feeling better now 
But, don’t ever put my name 
Near the word….[pedophile]

Cam’ron also had a message for Anthony Edwards and a few more NBA ballers. 

Watch the freestyle below.

Did Cam’ron spit hot fiyah like Dylan?

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