Ray J To Tyrese: ‘You Better Show Some Respect Tyrese! Before Will Slap You Back Into Your Reality!'

Ray J slid into the streets of Instagram and got very spicy with Tyrese, who defended Will Smith after Eddie Murphy‘s Golden Globes joke.

In case you missed it, the iconic comedian and actor, who was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, ended his acceptance with a joke that referenced Will’s outburst during the Oscars moments before he slapped Chris Rock on stage. 

Eddie Murphy offered a “blueprint” for success to up-and-coming dreamers in the business.

“It’s very simple, just do these three things: Pay your taxes, mind your business — and keep Will Smith’s wife’s name out your f**king mouth!”

Watch the clip below. 

Tyrese took to his Instagram account and suggested that Eddie Murphy move on.

The Fast & Furious star also made it clear that he will always support Will Smith, who he considers to be the “biggest influence” in his life.

He captioned his post:

I’m still team WILL SMITH there’s nobody on this earth that will ever influence me to ever have a change of heart towards the BIGGEST INFLUENCE in my life…….

I’m just saying man…. Move on already I just watched EMANCIPATION for the 3rd time I just can’t believe how masterful this overall movie is…. #MyBrothersKeeper

Following Tyrese’s lead, Ray J also took to social media to defend his mentor, Eddie Murphy.

Judging by the venom in his post, Ray J clearly doesn’t care for Tyrese and his “antics.”

Brandy’s brother wrote:

Tyrese better mind his own biz! You not on Eddie level!!! To think you can tell Axel Foley or Hakeem the Prince of Zamunda to “move on already”??

He’s #1 in his acting campaign still to this day! REAL LEGEND! You BETTER show some repsect Tyrese! Before Will slap you back into your reality! – yeah I said it! You know how I feel about you and your antics! Don’t play with my mentors!! It won’t end well!!

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Ray J blasts Tyrese

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