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Cam’ron offered clarity on his behavior during his now-viral CNN interview with Abby D. Phillip.

The rapper-turned-podcaster was brought on the Cable News Network to talk about Diddy, the disgraced music mogul’s assault video, and his apology.

During his interview, Cam’ron was curt with Abby, he ingested a sexual performance supplement, and announced his plans to “get some cheeks.”

In the latest episode of the “It Is What It Is” podcast, Cam’ron explained his actions and energy saying, “You call me on CNN for the bulls—…I’m gone give you bulls—!

Apparently, the Harlem native took offense to the network bringing him on to discuss Diddy and his transgression as opposed to his podcast and all the great things Mase does to encourage and empower children.

Watch below as Cam’ron explains…

Jemele Hill took to social media to react to Cam’ron’s video and she’s saying something in the milk ain’t clean.

So, something ain’t adding up. I’ve done CNN hundreds of times, including Abby’s show.

Before every single appearance, a producer tells me or someone on my team what my segment is about and the types of questions that I’ll be asked.

If you aren’t a regular, the producers typically insist on a pre-interview with either you, or someone on your team, who relays your talking points.

So either 1) a producer didn’t tell him or his team what kind of questions he would be asked or 2) a producer told him or someone on his team and he purposely decided to use this opportunity as a publicity stunt anyway … or someone in his camp didn’t tell him what he was being asked.

And I’m betting that if someone in his camp didn’t tell him what he would be asked, they’re not going to admit that they messed up.

Also, if a producer not being on their job led to this, today is going to be a tough day for that person.

My question is…why accept the invitation to appear on CNN?

Do you agree with how Cam’ron handled the interview and/or understand the reasoning behind his behavior?

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