Cam'ron on 'All The Smoke' podcast (Instagram)

Cam’ron recently visited the “All The Smoke” podcast and got in his Teddy Ruxpin bag as he shared a story time involving Halle Berry and Larenz Tate.

The rapper and co-host of “It Is What It Is” podcast told Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes about the time he ran into Halle at an ATM in Los Angeles.

Cam’ron had just got a record deal and was still on his grind to make a name for himself. 

He said, “I didn’t have a haircut…I ain’t got no shirt on. I’m like, ‘Yo, let me talk to you real quick.’”

Cam’ron said Halle Berry wasn’t trying to hear it and quickly got back into her car. 

Before she pulled off, Cam’ron made one last attempt by offering her one of his promotional cassette tapes. 

So she rolled the window down this much. There’s a n— in the passenger seat laid back. I slid the s— through there…I gave her that s—,” he said.

Six years later, Cam’ron is a platinum-selling Hip Hop star, he’s at the American Music Awards, and he runs into Larenz Tate

He said the actor was showing him mad love. 

Cam says Larenz told him, “You my n—. I f— with you, n—! You one of my favorite. Yo, you my n—! Yo, for years…you know that was me in the passenger seat with Halle when you slid your joint there?

Larenz Tate allegedly told Cam’ron, “I sent the b— to the ATM to go grab a couple dollars. I grabbed the CD out the b— hand. You don’t know what the f— this is!

Watch the story time below. 

Halle Berry and Larenz Tate co-starred in the 1998 classic film, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, alongside Vivica A. Fox and Lela Rochon.


Cam’ron released his debut album, Confessions of Fire, the same year. 


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