Cam'ron and Abby D. Phillip on CNN

First, it was James Brown (“Livin in America“). Then, Glorilla (“At the end of the day…the day gotta end”). Now, Cam’ron is the latest celebrity to go viral after his shenanigan-filled interview on CNN.

The rapper-turned-podcast host was booked as a guest on the Cable News Network to discuss the Diddy assault video as well as the apology he released on Sunday.

But, the Harlem rapper had no interest in talking about the disgraced music mogul and the interview went to hell in a handbasket swiftly!

Kudos to Abby D. Phillip for her exceptional professionalism while dealing with Cam’ron’s tomfoolery on national television.

Watch for yourself!

Social media is buzzing about Cam’ron’s CNN interview (or lack thereof).

Read a few tweets below.

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