Arionne Curry and Martell Holt - Ice Cream Convos

Arionne Curry took to the streets of Instagram on Sunday night to get a few things off of her chest after Martell Holt went Instagram Official with Shereé Whitfield over the weekend.

In a series of posts on her Instagram Story, Arionne posted an email exchange between her and the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star and noted that she was “done done” with him.

In the email, Arionne Curry admitted that she was “soooooooo dumb.”

“I hope your 3 daughters never run into a man like you! And loyal to you, you been using me! My heart hurts for you and you still don’t get it! You could’ve moved on and kept it real but you lied about it! Stop placing blame on me!!!!!!!”

Arionne went on to throw shade at Shereé writing, “I was loyal to you, you went and got an old b**ch best of luck to you!”

“My closure was seeing you on the blogs yours will be seeing me with my new man,” she added.

It appears Arionne and Martell are also beefing over their son’s name.

In another post on her Instagram Story, she wrote, “And I’m not changing my son name to Maverick! Stop calling him that his name is Knox.”

“He’s wayyyy different from the others hence why you told me you don’t want him every other week like you get the others!”

Lastly, Arionne Curry offered some advice to women.

She wrote, “Ladies never have a baby by a married man, let me be your example!!!!! Someone had to be it! ?”

Arionne carried on a years-long affair with Martell Holt during his marriage to Melody Holt.

She got pregnant and had a child with Martell and Melody divorced him.

You may recall that Arionne spilled the details of her relationship with Martell in an interview with Tasha K.

Shereé Whitfield is Martell’s first public relationship since his divorce.

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  1. You totally disrespected that marriage and his wife, Melody. GOD, is not please with you or him. You pray and ask that man’s wife(ex-wife) and GOD to forgive you! You broke up a marriage, GOD said, ” you will weap what you sow… Now, he doesn’t even want you. I actually feel pathetic pity for you. I will say this, you forced Melody to get rid of that CANCER she called a husband. I pray that GOD Blesses her and her children. I can’t even remember his name but he will not be happy until he do right by Melody and his family!!! And, You, go find you a LIFE, CUT your loses and move on. I really feel sorry for your son. He’s going to Read all about this when he gets older and he’s going to know what you and his father did. I pray he will never be like his father, morally.

  2. After what you did how you gone speak about his new boo like that. She didn’t leave you Martel left you. Come on girl put on your big girl panties and you go apologize to Melody and Martel for your part in running their marriage. Yes that was solely Martel but you know that man is was married and you conspired in the act with him and for that you were wrong. Martel and you are not married so there’s no commitment, hence he can move on from you without any regards. Yes we know you got pregnant purposely thinking that was your contact for commitment (no bobo the foul). You got played by a player do your thang Martel Holt and best of luck Sheree.

  3. Take your own advise. We already know someone’s else’s husband is off limits. You knew it then now trying to act like you didn’t know it now because he did the same thing too you. Laugh Melody (with class) Holt. It’s your time now.

  4. Nobody is paying that mess any mind. She should have thought about her own advice before scorning another woman and now what does she want sympathy – girl bye. You lose them the same way you get them KNOW THAT!

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