Martell Holt mistress Arionne Curry speaks out

Who Is Arionne Curry?

Arionne Curry, the longtime mistress of Martell Holt and the unofficial cast member of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” is speaking out to set the record straight.

In an exclusive interview with Tasha K, Arionne detailed her relationship with Martell and attempted to clear up any misconceptions or false narratives regarding her affair with the reality TV star.

Below you’ll find 7 highlights, quotes, and talking points filled with the scoop from the 81-minute interview.

How Did Arionne & Martell Meet?

Arionne says she was 24 years old when she met Martell (7 years ago).

She and a friend attended a barbecue at his cousin’s house in Huntsville.

Martell sent his cousin over to get her number and he called her about 5 minutes later to come out to his car to talk.

She admitted that she was attracted to him and enjoyed his conversation.

They eventually began to hang out and became very good friends.

Did Arionne Know Martell Was Married?

Arionne Curry said that her friendship/courtship with Martell went on for about 9 months before they became intimate.

During those nine months is when she learned he was married.

Our conversation kept me there and I was wrong for continuing to deal with a married man.

She said Melody Holt did not find out about their affair until after she and Martell had already been intimate.

Arionne also admitted she was “in love” with Martell.

Arionne Has No Plans Of Apologizing To Melody Holt

Arionne said now that she is older she feels Black women should have respect for one another.

She also shared that the respect that she has now for marriage is something that she learned more as an adult.

No one deserves to get cheated on, but he would complain about a lot of things.

Arionne also said she doesn’t feel like she destroyed a marriage because it was a married man who was persistently pursuing her.

She said there are a number of reasons why she will not apologize to Melody for all that’s happened – including things that have happened behind the scenes that the public does not know about.

She brought her hairstylist and friends to my home. She says she wasn’t trying to fight, but who brings three people to your house?

Arionne went on to say it’s the wife’s responsibility to check her man – not the other woman.

You know your husband. So, you need to always check your husband.

You don’t go talk to another woman about something that your husband is pursuing.

That’s what wives need to understand. Nobody chases a married man.

Nobody just goes after somebody that’s married. 

I wasn’t chasing no married man. 

After a lot of pressure from Tasha K, Arionne said she would apologize to Melody if Melody apologized to her.

Then, on second thought – Arionne said she doesn’t want to make peace with Melody because “too much has happened.”

Arionne Curry Has A Son With Martell Holt

Arionne Curry said that prior to giving birth to her son whom she shares with Martell, she suffered one miscarriage and had one abortion.

At one point, she and Melody were pregnant at the same time.

She said Martell asked her to abort the son they have now, but she refused to terminate another pregnancy.

I love my son. I’m grateful that I had him. I love my son.
I had just had an abortion, so I had my son. 
I had just had an abortion and I was not having another one. 

Arionne went on to say Martell did not tell her Melody was pregnant, but he did insinuate that she had just had an abortion as well. 

At some point, it appeared Martell Holt and Arionne Curry couldn’t agree on their son’s name.

Martell says his name is Maverick, and Arionne says his name is Knox.

Arionne Curry Isn’t Happy With ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

Arionne is very upset with the producers of the OWN reality show for using her likeness without giving her a voice.

I would like for the producers to spin the story elsewhere. If I’m not on there to speak for myself I would like for you all to stop using my likeness.

I want y’all to stop using me. I’m tired of it. 

I want y’all to stop making it seem like I ruined a family. 

I want y’all to stop using my likeness to carry the weight to six individuals. 

I’m done. I’m tired of it. 

This has changed my life in a lot of ways that are not good.

In a surprise revelation, Arionne admitted all of this has changed how she feels about Oprah Winfrey.

I feel like it’s personal between me and Oprah, although Oprah probably doesn’t even know who I am. 

I, like so many other girls, was raised with Oprah being one of the most influential Black women who we all looked up to and I feel like it has turned me against a woman who I was so proud to look up to. 

Are Arionne Curry & Martell Holt Together?

After all that has happened, a baby, and a divorce – she and Martell are not together.

Me and Martell…we are damaged.

I would say that is part of the reason why we are not together. 

I can’t separate reality and TV.

He can tell me they edited it like this, that, and this all day long. 

It’s a hard balance to separate.

I can’t separate what we do every day versus what plays every Saturday. 

Arionne’s Biggest Regret

Arionne Curry says one thing that she definitely regrets is not speaking out sooner.

I was not paying attention to what was going on publicly and I should have been. 

I should have said something a long time ago. 

That’s one thing I do regret about this whole situation – me being silent.

So anytime you did hear me saying something…it was out of anger. 

Cause it’s like, ‘The nerve of these people! How are they speaking for me? How are they creating this false narrative around my likeness about something that is not true…to a certain extent.’

He did have an affair. But, the person they’re trying to paint me out to be is not Arionne Curry. 

In a post on her Instagram page, Arionne Curry wrote:

Arionne MF Curry. Say what you want it’s been 3 years and IM THE TOPIC OF THAT SHOW. I held back so much tea in that interview about alllllllllllll of them silly people.

They ain’t that tired of discussing me they just had a whole 3 part reunion about who me they all so fake. I don’t care about they dirt never have but enough is enough.

All I’m asking for is @owntv @kingdomreignent to not discuss me anymore! I have that right!

Y’all clearly in love with a show centered around me but out here lying. T

hey ain’t discussing what’s really going on in HUNTSVILLE. These are facts.

The more they discuss me the more I’m putting EVERYBODY’S business out moving forward. Chess not checkers! @unwinewithtashak we did numbers broke the internet 100k views in an hour!

Nobody on that show this relevant the producers don’t even trust only their likeness to carry they own show pitiful. Comments turned off for a while until y’all calm down!

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Watch Arionne’s full interview with Tasha K below.

Whew, chile! I’m interested to see how this interview will be used in the storyline next season on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

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  2. Well now it blows my mind how the mistress always try to wrangle themselves out the tangle , martel is trash and so is this woman he was stupid to lay on top of , they deserve each other and thank god melody threw both these bags of trash out !!!!

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  7. Why she keep saying they were talking about HER? Like didn’t anyone know she was the side hoe but her and her family because NO ONE said her name on the show….#hitdogswillholla

  8. At the end of the day, the Bible says do not Covent thy neighbor’s house, she was 24 years old and it’s very disrespectful to engage yourself in a relationship with a married man or woman, no matter how melody was , that was her husband and this girl laid there and got pregnant by this woman husband, she had control of this situation by getting out, adultery is against God and he says don’t do it, there’s nothing never comes good out of it, Oprah ain’t had nothing to do with what she did, you make your bed, now lay in it, this man thrower away an entire family and business with a smart outgoing wife for nothing, Melody was right, there’s something wrong with him, I said what I said, now tell a friend to tell a friend

  9. This woman was 24 years old, she knew what she was doing was wrong, and she’s right Melody should not say anything to her, a mistress only goes as far as a man allows her, Martell Holt is garbage and if it hadn’t been Adrienne it would have been another woman. Adrienne was dumb to keep getting pregnant for getting pregnant for a married man.

  10. Melody Holt had the life and come up Arionne thought she was entitled to. She’s sitting up here head gased up for the wrong reasons! You hooked up with a selfish narcissistic married man who mirrored you and expected what? Its sick how some women find their worth from what being Betty Wright Your Clean Up Woman? Your tasteless for comparing abortions and pregnancies and tea you haven’t spilled? WTF? How about something revolutionary like raising your child with grace. Because one day you and Martell are going to have to explain this.

  11. When one is in a long-term relationship, whether it be legit or not legit one generally would feel a sense of entitlement. Arionne truly jumped over her role of accepting the role of a mistress. I don’t believe she didn’t know he was married, because when women me a guy for the first time most have a self check list. At the top of that list is “is he in a relationship” ie: married, recent. As well as how many children etc. What I see here is once you realized who and what you were involved with, you also wanted the fame, glory and dollars! Hence the reason you’re so angry with OWN. STOP thinking you’re entitled to be on Melody’s level by competing with her. You’ve profited enough by being the mistress. What kind of student drops her studies and afford opening her own clothing line, but one who has cashed in. No doubt, that’s the reason you conveniently had his child. I feel you regretted having an abortion and purposely got pregnant again because that’s what alot of women do, have babies in hopes they’ll win the prize. You don’t want this story to drop…that’s why you’re about to write a book. Smh miss me with the greed and foolishness.

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  12. Both people are wrong. However Martel was the one who was married. He is the most one responsible. I know that the mistress totally regrets it now. It really boils down to the Lion’s share being on Martel he’s the man he was married he should have kept his penis in his pants and stayed faithful but lot of men do this a lot a lot a lot a lot it’s ridiculous

  13. Cheating with a married man is not about his wife but more about you, that you don’t think you deserve a man of your own. He is disrespecting both of you. He lied to you and her, and who is he to think he can disrespect two beautiful black women. He is not a good man, he is a selfish little boy. The sad part for you is karma is real. So if it hasn’t happened to you yet, be prepared.

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  18. She is right that treat her unfairly. He knew what he was doing
    Melody should not Dogg her like that. She is annoying and think sheknows everything. But really is the fool for airing her business

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