Safaree (Courtesy of 'We In Miami' Podcast)

Safaree recently recalled the “dark times” he experienced after his break up with Nicki Minaj when he says she and Meek Mill turned everyone against him. 

The “Love & Hip Hop (insert city)” star opened up about his challenging time as a guest on the “We In Miami Podcast.” 

When me and Nicki first broke up and she got with Meek…and they were like the biggest in the world and we was all beefing and s**t…

You gotta think about it…I had two of the biggest people in the world like against me.

So that made everybody be against me.

Nobody wanted to be next to me. Nobody wanted to work with me or none of that s**t.

So, it just made everything hard. That s**t was like…that was a dark time for me.

You know what I’m saying? 

Watch the clip below. 

Safaree’s ex-wife, Erica Mena, chimed in to share her thoughts on his “dark times.”

She slid into the comment section of The Shade Room writing, “I will FOREVER be embarrassed I gave sis these incredible beautiful babies. He don’t even talk or care about his seeds this much online or in real life.

Erica Mena embarrassed Safaree

She added, “Hopefully, sis can end his dead beat struggle next 😇🤞🏽

Read a few social media reactions to Safaree’s post-Nicki Minaj struggles and Erica’s reaction below.

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