‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Amara La Negra Tells Safaree He’s Trash And Everbody Was Right About Him During Heated Argument

In Season 5, Episode 8 of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” Amara La Negra and Safaree had a heated argument that appeared to end their relationship.

During the argument, Amara told Safaree that every man she’s been with in her past has failed her, and he is following the same trend. 

…I f***ing told you that every single man that I’ve every known has always failed me, and I needed somebody to be there for me. To support me, to be there for me.

And you’re the first one to get in the f***ing car and leave.

You’re becoming like every other f***ing man I’ve ever known.

And according to you, you said that you were different, you’ve changed, you’re this, you’re that.

…Everybody told me not to f*** with you, and I didn’t give a f*** about what nobody had to say cause I got to know the you and I, is different from what anybody else had to tell me.

But right now, your starting to prove to me everything that everybody said about you.

Earlier in the episode, Amara told Safaree that she had to go to the Dominican Republic because her father was very ill, and Safaree wasn’t very supportive.

He confessed to Ray J that he really didn’t know how to be supportive in that situation, and Ray J alerted him to some social media footage of Amara in the DR, looking like she was having a good time.

Ray J also suggested that she may have lied to Safaree to go to the DR to be with her baby daddy.

During their argument, Safaree brought up the social media footage of Amara in the DR, and he told her it looked like she was just thurst trapping for her baby daddy.

Amara responded:

If I wanted to be with my baby daddy, I would have been with him.

You and I are just dating, right?… So, I don’t understand why you be like, ‘I’m thurst trapping for my baby daddy, what the f***!

If I wanted to f*** him I wouldn’t be talking to you.

Safaree took a minute to process Amara’s words before he told her to stop acting like her being next to him didn’t bring her a lot of attention.

From that point on, the argument got verbally aggressive, and they both started throwing curse words at each other.

In between the cursing, Amara threw her drink in Safaree’s face, and as he was walking away, she told him he was trash, and he called her a bird.

He started making bird sounds as he walked off.

Watch the clip of Amara La Negra and Safaree’s blow-up argument from S5, E8, of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below:

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