'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Season 10, Part 1 Reunion: Meda Brings Even More Receipts For Kendra

Meda and Yung Joc’s relationship, prior to him marrying Kendra Robinson, has been a spicy storyline this season on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” but Meda might’ve put the final nail in the coffin with the proof she brought to the reunion show.

When the host of the reunion show Claudia Jordan brought up the topic of Joc and Meda’s relationship, the women on the show tossed around blame for not telling Kendra about the rumor prior to her marrying Joc.

Meda stated that Kendra knew she existed prior to the rumor, and she and Kendra got into a shouting match so bad that Joc had to pull Kendra offset to get some straightening.

Once Kendra and Joc returned to set, the conversation escalated again when the timeline of Joc’s relationship with Meda and his marriage to Kendra came into question.

After Meda said she thought that Kendra seeing a printed message from Joc that said “Come make love to me” would be enough for her to realize he was cheating on her, she threw a quick verbal jab at Kendra, pulled out the old phone with the message from Joc on it, and held it in Joc’s and Kendra’s line of sight. 

Yeah, you know, I thought a piece of paper saying that he said “come make love to me” was enough, but you know Jasiel Is a rapper so he knows how to choose his words.

And he basically types something out, claps his hands, and she (Kendra) forgets everything that happens, basically that how it goes.

But, we can settle that once and for all. I mean I really don’t owe her anything, but here’s the phone…

Watch the clip from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta S10, Part 1 Reunion show below:

We’ll have to wait until Part 2 of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 10 reunion to see if Joc uses that hand clap technique that Meda described to smooth this one over.

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