In episode 3 of VH1’s “Couples Retreat” Season 2, Claudia Jordan’s man KJ even shocked host AJ Johnson when he admitted he’s not sexually attracted to Claudia.

AJ pulled Claudia and KJ aside because the last relationship game that they participated in revealed they had the most issues and she didn’t waste any time diving into their relationship.

She noticed KJ kissed Claudia on her cheek as opposed to her lips, and AJ questioned him why.

KJ said he didn’t want to mess her lips up because they look so perfect.

But, Claudia revealed it’s because he doesn’t want to get lipstick on him.

No, he doesn’t like lipstick on him.

He never kisses me on the lips. 

He’ll wipe my kiss off right away if I have lipstick on.

The meeting went all downhill from there.

When AJ asked them if they were attracted to each other sexually, Claudia said yes, and KJ took a deep breath and responded, NO!

AJ said, “Oh that hurt me,” and Claudia instantly started tearing up.

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