Yung Joc and wife Kendra Robinson (Courtesy of MTV)

Yung Joc is back in the doghouse again after a blog posted a video that allegedly shows him posted up with another woman.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star and co-host of the 94.5 Streetz Morning Takeover show addressed the video that was originally posted by Gossip Of The City.

The Instagram post accused Joc of cheating on his wife, Kendra Robinson, saying he was cuddling and holding hands with an unidentified woman.

“I’m doing none of that. I’m just standing there…standing on business.”

Unfortunately, the video and the Instagram post has impacted his marriage. 

While he was discussing the scandal during the morning show, Yung Joc received a group text message from his wife informing him and her mother that she is divorcing him. 

Watch the video clip below. 

Kendra Robinson has been through hell and high water with Yung Joc throughout their relationship and marriage.

But, do you really think this is the last straw?

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