In “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 11 Episode 5, Kendra confronted her husband Yung Joc and Meda about their secret romance.

Bambi invited Kendra to her house to reveal that Meda confessed to a room full of people at Spice’s party that she and Joc were together for several years while he was with Kendra.

Meda shared this information before Kendra married Joc, but no one wanted to tell her because they didn’t want to ruin her wedding.

Bambi also invited Erica Mena to her house, who also heard Meda confess to being with Joc at Spice’s party, and they both filled Kendra in on what Meda said at the party.

They also called Sierra to validate that she also heard the story that Meda told at the party.

After talking to Sierra, Kendra still had her doubts so she called Joc for some answers.

Joc attempted to appease the situation by giving her Meda’s number.

Bambi called Meda on FaceTime, and before she could tell Meda what she was calling her for, Kendra snatched the phone and told Meda that she’s Joc’s wife, and she wanted to know if the rumors of them messing around from 2016 to right before her wedding is true.

Joc and Kendra have been together since 2015.

Meda confirmed that she and Joc used to mess around, and the last time that they were together was in 2019.

She said that the last time that her and Joc slept together was probably a year or two before 2019.

Kendra still had Joc on FaceTime on her phone while she talked to Meda so he could be privy to the conversation, but when Meda revealed they slept together potentially in 2018 or 2017, Joc hung up the phone.

Watch the video clip from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” of Bambi, Erica, and Sierra telling Kendra about Meda below:

Once Kendra got home, she confronted Joc about the Meda rumors, and she revealed that she knew about the baby rumor, but she pretended like she didn’t to save face.

According to Kendra, she and Joc took a break from their relationship in 2019, and Joc had an on-break baby that he told her about.

Kendra said that Joc told her that Meda was a woman he use to mess with before they got together.

Joc never admitted that he was with Meda after him and Kendra got together, and he convinced Kendra that they need to go back to the pastor to get marriage counseling.

Watch the video clip from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” showing Kendra confronting Joc at home below:

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