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While Jeezy and Jeannie Mai Jenkins‘ divorce may have come as a shock to some, Yung Joc said he was “not surprised” by it.

The Thug Motivation rapper filed for divorce in September to end his two-year marriage to the former co-host of “The Real.”

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In a recent interview, Yung Joc didn’t hold back while sharing his assumptions about the Jenkins marriage.

I ain’t buying none of this s— n—! I’m not buying into it. He may have married her because of her core values. There are certain things that she will not do because of her family.

That’s the reason he was willing to buy into that and tie into that. You gotta get off of the surface, the surface looks good. But, we know underneath the surface it be other stories going on. 

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Yung Joc added:

It’s Jeezy. I ain’t taking nothing from his wife. Jeannie Mai – she’s a beautiful woman. This Jeezy. This n— could have any…it’s Jeezy. He loved who he loved.

He said, ‘I do,’ and committed to who he chose to do that to right. But, right here at a time when he pushing a new album, about to drop a book, he got different deals, people around him who’s had a certain level of success….

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Yung Joc went on to lay out his assumptions as if they were gospel.

I feel like he felt like now is the time that I can share this world with somebody on a real level. But, I need a candidate who’s not gone fight me…who’s not going to go against me…who’s gonna let me lead…who’s gonna allow me to be who TF I am.

And I think she sold that for him. She gave him that. But, then after they got married, she ain’t have a job no more. They got a new baby. He’s on the road promoting new album….then after the road, he’s promoting his new book. 

Yung Joc noted, “Ain’t no telling what TF they got going on. You just never know. It might not have turned out to be what he thought it was and vice versa.

Watch the clip of Yung Joc pontificating on Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s divorce below. 

Do you agree with Yung Joc’s hypothesis or should he remain focused on his marriage to Kendra?

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