'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Yung Joc's Secret Lover Meda Revealed

Yung Joc‘s secret lover Meda was revealed on the premiere episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 10, and her receipts had everyone questioning if Joc should be getting married.

Meda is Spice‘s best friend, and during the episode, Spice told Shekinah that Meda told her that she has been in an off-and-on relationship with Joc for nearly 14 years.

Joc is engaged to Kendra, who has no idea about Meda.

According to Meda, she loves Joc, and Joc will always love her marriage or no marriage.

Watch the video clip below:

To add even more mess to the pot, someone thought it would be a good idea for Karlie Redd to pop out of a cake at Joc’s bachelor party.

Rasheeda‘s husband Kirk Frost overshared some details of Karlie and Joc’s interaction at the bachelor party to the friend group during Spice’s party that Shekinah put together.

Karlie Redd said one of Joc’s friends called her and asked her to pop out at Joc’s bachelor party, and she did it because Joc is her friend, and she thought it would be funny and silly.

Judging by the footage, Joc was happy to see Karlie.

So happy that, according to Karlie, he whispered in her ear, asking if she was coming back with him.

Karlie starts comparing dates with Meda to find out what years align with her and others who dated Joc, and as Meda starts listing the dates, everyone at the party is stunned because some of the years are years that Joc was with his fiancée Kendra.

Watch the video clip below:

Meanwhile, Spice is overwhelmed because the party intended to honor her has turned into a Joc-athon.

Tune into “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” next Monday (August 15) to see how Yung Joc handles his messy crisis.

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