Kiely Williams blasts Chris Brown

Kiely Williams was hot as catfish grease when she took to Twitter to share her outrage over Chlöe Bailey‘s forthcoming collaboration with Chris Brown.

On Thursday, Chlöe announced her new single, “How Does It Feel,” featuring Breezy, and it has garnered quite a passionate response from social media.

The former 3LW singer and “Cheetah Girl” accused Chris of creeping back into the mainstream “by getting small nods for the features on Black Women’s merit” to make us all forget that “HE BEATS WOMEN.”

Kiely tweeted:

Let him come out with his own record—so genius, so captivating that it makes us all forget HE BEATS WOMEN.

He can’t so he won’t. So what does he do?

He slowly creeps back into the mainstream by getting small nods for features on Black Women’s merit.

Black women who are more talented, more worthy, but give him the okay.

I am swatting the f**king air rn. Garbage. 

See Kiely Williams’ original tweet below.

Of course, it didn’t take long before Chris Brown, who is currently embarking on the European leg of his Under the Influence Tour, caught wind of what Kiely was talmbout in the streets of Twitter.

Breezy took to his Instagram Story to respond with three posts.

The first was a photo of him with the caption, “The face I make right before I go all Team Breezy on the haters,” which was a bird call to activate his protective fan base.

The second post was a direct message to Kiely Williams.

Chris wrote, “I’m getting kind tired of Ya broken PROMITHIS PROMITHIS.”

He continued, “Obviously you are at a point in your life where either you are very broken or broken…THE FACT you think you have to speak negatively about me makes u look so lame…YOUR LIFE AND CAREER MUST SUCK RIGHT NOW…minding your business WOULDVE been best.. but I guess you don’t have a business or a real job that makes u financially stable. I feel more embarrassed for you and your actual maturity..”

In his last post, Chris took a dig at Kiely’s alleged lisp by posting a meme of her with the words “THOP IT.”

See the posts below.

Chris didn’t stop there.

The singer put on his Under the Influence Petty Pants and slid over to Kiely’s Instagram page to drop a few comments on her dance video.

The comments…..

Chris Brown comments on Kiely Williams video

Chris is making train references after Kiely recently shared that she was in an “entanglement” with multiple members of B2K at the same time…

Now, I’m not one who typically pulls folk’s CarFax Reports because we all have made mistakes in the past – and hopefully learned from them.

But, if we are talking abuse towards Black women…one might say Kiely Williams is the pot calling the kettle considering WE haven’t forgotten her KFC violence against Naturi Naughton.

So, I have a few questions for you…

  • Do you have an issue with Chlöe Bailey collaborating with Chris Brown?
  • Do you agree with Kiely Williams’ public criticism of Chris?

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  1. Fans watch blueface beat on his girl and still support him with 0 backlash. Chris has already lost so much and has already paid his dues for his mistakes. Let it go already, its been years already both parties have moved on why is this even a topic or relevant?

  2. Chris was 17 when him & RiRi got into it. No one is perfect & we all are forever learning, growing, evolving. I’m here for the petty comebacks though… She must’ve forgot she has a past too, bet Kiely will mind her business now…

  3. She trying to ruffle his skeletons around in his closet but she need to be more focused on her own. Chris brown isn’t exactly my fav but everyone deserves a Second change under certain circumstances of course lol but for someone trying to move on from their past and leave it be it’s very frustrating when ppl continue to bring it up but in the case only person worried about it is miss thang here lol.

    • To be truly honest!!!! They need to leave Chris Brown the Fuck alone. We all have made mistakes and that young man isn’t any different. What he did in the past is in the past. Y’all down him because he down like darker girls, So what!!!! Y’all act like your BS is perfumed. Let Chris Brown live !!!!!! You unhappy crows.

  4. Did she say put out his own record??? The last record he put out had damn near 40 something songs on it. He is basically the reigning king of R&B. Him doing a song with Chloe Bailey helps Chloe more than it helps him. This heffa nuts.

  5. We can forgive him and give him a second chance but if it happens again singing must be done. Until then let him enjoy hisself with all the collars he wants. People need to stop trying to destroy one another periodt.

  6. I didn’t hear a word from her mouth when hr collaborated with H.E.R. If she wants to help somebody, volunteer at a woman’s shelter.

  7. She should of minded her business. But real hushed when chrisean and blueface toxically beating each other for entertainment every other week online but she not batting an eye they way.

  8. Chris is a grown man now, not a little boy. And since she wants to bring up his past, no man should want to marry her after getting a train ran on her by B2K🤦🏿‍♂️ why do we let washed up ppl have a voice🤷🏿‍♂️

  9. Team Breezy ❤️ People make mistakes. Rhianna has moved on so why can’t she. 15 minutes of fame I guess. She is kinda irrelevant right now. He’s trying to move past his mistakes. She entitled to collaborate with who she wants.

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