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Chris Brown is many things – a great singer, an incredible dancer, a talented actor, and a very sore loser.

The “Under the Influence” singer took to the streets of Instagram on Sunday night and fired off a few “really rude and mean” posts on his Instagram Story after he lost the Best R&B Album Grammy to Robert Glasper.

Robert Glasper is a 12X Grammy nominee and a 5X Grammy winner.

On Sunday night, his album, Black Radio III, beat out Chris Brown, Lucky Daye, Mary J. Blige, and PJ Morton for the Best R&B Album Grammy.

Chris Brown immediately took to his Instagram Story and began posting, “Y’all playing. Who da f**k is this?”

Another post read, “Who The F**k Is Robert Glasper,” and “Ima keep kick yall @ss! Respectfully.”

Breezy continued his foolishness by posting “I gotta get my skills up…Ima start playing the harmonica,” in an effort to mock Robert.

Chris Brown shades Robert Glasper

Chris’ actions sparked reactions from folks on Twitter.

One person wrote, “Chris Brown trying to be shady towards Robert Glasper isn’t funny at all. Robert been one of the most talented musicians in Hip Hop for over a decade now. Black Radio 3 is an AMAZING album. Put some respect on his name.”

Another person tweeted, “The funniest thing about Chris Brown’s Grammy meltdown is also the saddest: Robert Glasper is an icon and this is an award voted on by your peers. You can dislike the outcome but posting about not knowing who he is only embarrasses you as an artist.”

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Once Chris realized his shade didn’t give what he thought it gave, he slid into Robert Glasper’s DMs to sorta apologize.

He wrote:

Congratulations my brother… I would like to apologize if you took offense to my reaction at the Grammys…you were not the intended target and I know I came off really rude and mean.

After doing my research I actually think you’re amazing…

THE ORGANIZATION ISN’T DOING US BLACKS OUR DUE DILIGENCE. YOU AND I SHOULD never be in the same category…two totally different vibes and genres.

So from one black man to another…CONGRATULATIONS..HOPE YOU ARE ABLE TO FEED YOUR FAMILY FOR LIFE. God bless my G.

Chris Brown’s apology fell short the moment he wrote, “if you took offense.”

But, it only got worse when he blamed the “organization” and noted that they should have never been in the same category.

See the original post below.

Chris Brown apology Robert Glasper

A few more folks took to Twitter to share their thoughts and reactions after Chris Brown posted his apology to Robert Glasper.

One person tweeted, “ChrisBrown’s apology to Robert Glasper was weak. You can tell he’s still super salty about not winning that Best R&B Album category smh. CB hasn’t showed any growth as a person, over the last decade.”

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(Update: February 9, 2023) Robert Glasper has announced he is releasing a limited edition line of “Who TF is Robert Glasper?” t-shirts.

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