Big Gipp From Goodie Mobb Clarifies What He Meant By Saying Beyoncé Would Be With Tupac If He Was Still Alive

Big Gipp recently appeared on “The Art Of Dialogue” podcast where he revealed that he feels Tupac was a better overall artist than Jay-Z because he was a triple threat, and if he was alive today, he would be with Beyoncé.

Gipp’s comment was in response to the host of the podcast asking him how he felt about Billboard and Vibe magazines ranking Jay-Z #1 and Tupac #4 on a top 50 rappers of all time list.

Watch the clip of the Big Gipp interview on “The Art of Dialogue” podcast below:

After causing a stir online with his comments, Gipp clarified what he meant on the “B High ATL” podcast on BHIGHTV.

Gipp made a lot of valid and astute points in his clarification, but he left a lot of collateral damage behind.

No disrespect to that man Jay-Z. 

No disrespect to Beyoncé. 

I want to just explain to everybody that’s looking at this podcast right now.

Gippy knew what type of guy Pac was.

Let’s talk about it, at the time when Pac walked the earth, Pac went after every girl that was somebody’s girl…

Jada Pinkett, Biggie girl Faith, Aaliyah, Kidada, Lisa Left Eye, didn’t Rison tell you, ‘The limousine pulled up in front of my house, the door kicked open, and I seen it it was Tupac, and Lisa got in the car with Tupac and drove off in the night.’

Bro, he was that kind of guy, and all I’m just saying to you is, ‘Hey man, just like you went after the #1 girl in the game he would’ve went after her too.’ That’s all I was saying.

And all I’m saying is, bro, he was a phenomenon before the industry understood what he was.

He was a rapper that was trained in acting. So, personally, he came with a skill that we didn’t have in the game at that time.

And let’s think about this, during the 90s the music and the television, and the music and the TV business did not function together they were two different entities.

And understand, he understood the TV and he understood the music that’s what made him special.

And bro think about this, he is the only rapper that ever got in a tub full of gold, butt naked, and never got called gay.

By male or female they knew that was a man, and he was a player.

Now let me give you an example how he played, when I walked into that studio with him and he first played “Hit Em Up” for me, he talking about this man wife, right?…

With Lisa Left Eye sitting on his left, right?… With his girlfriend standing in the corner with a full-length mink on.

So, when I say Pac would’ve went at your girl, he would’ve went at your girl!

If she was the #1 girl in the game. It has nothing to do with you King I’m just telling you that this how he rolled, and that’s the kind of dude he was.

And, think about it, he understood that he was cute, bro, and he didn’t need no money to get no girl!

He’s never made music enticing, ‘Imma buy, light your wrist, and…’ 

He never talked about buying a girl nothing, but he had them al

Gipp said he believes Drake is Tupac in another form.

“Drake!… Them women love Drake… And Drake will take your girl! 

You know what I mean?… Drake will take your girl.

And another thing is, hey man have you ever seen a… and he an actor, and that’s all I was saying, he was a triple threat and the game hadn’t seen a triple threat before Pac.

So, when you say, ‘Hey man I’m the…’ 

Yeah man, you the guy, yeah you getting the money, yeah but hey bro nobody seen that man… nobody ever seen the way he put out music, doing movies, going to jail, coming back home, still having number one records.

Bro, you’ve been out the whole time, you know what I mean?… You rapped about one thing the whole time.

This man has a spectrum of different subjects he talked about as an artist, and there was never talking about dealing drugs.

So, when you asked me who was the biggest artist, the guy that didn’t talk about one thing the whole time.

He talked with his heart. This guy talked about street culture. If you wasn’t into street culture you didn’t give a damn what he was talking about cause you wasn’t into the streets.

But, Tupac he was the first rapper to cross over without the industry doing it. He crossed over just because he was Tupac.

Biggest difference, bigger difference than  every… everything now is control, everything now is cause somebody, who you with, what you did, how much money you got, it ain’t got really nothing to do with the music no more.

I’m coming from a time when we was talking about the art was raw it wasn’t about who you was with, how much money you got, we talking about what your songs talking about, and what your beats sound like.

Hey man, the man got more jamminest music than anybody you can put him up against.

So bro, you’re only getting mad or anybody only getting mad because the way I said it, but what I’m saying is facts!

And, he went after one of the biggest people in New York at the time, Biggie Smalls, when he played that record “Hit Em Up.”

He was playing it for fact. Now 20 years people been round her lying talking about, ‘He lying I wasn’t never out there, daddy!’

But now you look at the interview from Kurupt the other day he was like, ‘She was around there folk, we just ain’t want to say nothing.’

So, at the end of the day, did Gip lie?… I just told you the truth. You don’t want to hear it you want to hear a remix. I ain’t doing that, bro! This the south, bro! The south don’t got no King!…

It don’t!… So when you come out trying to be the King over everybody because of your business that’s cool, but I ain’t got to accept it. We ain’t got to accept it down here.

That ain’t what we rapped about. You can be the King of New York. You can’t be the King of L.A. 

So, let’s just keep this sh*t funky! Don’t get mad cause I… Hey man, I’m from the 80s man, I’m from the 70s man, I don’t do no **** riding and I don’t stroke no scrotum.

Money is money we gonna still all die broke! So for those that need to be in the presence of another man to make their self feel this and that, I don’t need that partner!

I was raised by a daddy I ain’t come into the music business to find one.

Watch the clip of the Big Gipp interview on the “B High Atl” podcast below:

Big Gipp might’ve just inspired Jay-Z to put some new music out.

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