Naturi Naughton revealed on “The Real” that as a member of 3LW she had to fake it to make it, and she explained how those experiences prepared her for the character, Jill Da Thrill, on “Queens.”

Adrienne Bailon, who was also a part of the group 3LW, brought up an episode of “Queens” that reminded her of when her and Naturi did an episode of “MTV Cribs” while they were in 3LW.

Naturi remembered they were faking it like they made it on the “Cribs” episode..

But, back when we did cribs… I feel like that was 2000 or something, or 2001.

We had to, you know, make it look like we were rich and famous… with the cars, with the house.

And we were like in a two bedroom apartment sharing a bed.

Naturi says she uses those 3LW experiences to encourage and motivate young women to achieve their dreams.

And my experience in 3LW definitely had some challenging times, but I use that experience to motivate other young women.

That everything I went through, feeling unpretty, feeling like I was not good enough, constantly helps to inform my decisions as the character Jill Da Thrill.

She is more than enough, and she is amazing.

Watch the video below:

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