Omarion, the Unbothered King of Watermelon, took to social media to react to B2K‘s recent interview on N.O.R.E.‘s “Drink Champs” podcast.

B2K Tea Party

J. Boog, Lil Fizz, and Raz B sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, consumed alcohol, and spilled more tea than a party in Boston.

From the gate, it was obvious that Raz B was nervous and/or uncomfy doing the interview, so he was disregarded for most of the convo and barely got a word in as J Boog and Lil Fizz ran the B2K Carfax Report.

Boog and Fizz started at the very beginning and recalled how the group was formed and their uphill battle to get signed.

They went on to talk about how the group eventually became unhappy with their management and had collectively decided to find and out, but Omarion [allegedly] double-crossed them.

According to J. Boog and Lil Fizz, Omarion went back to management and spilled the beans on their gripes, their escape plan, and he snitched on Fizz for sleeping with a girl that he was interested in.

B2K discussed Omarion’s Verzuz battle against Mario and the drama and miscommunication about them being a part of it.

The fellas went on to share more stories and examples of incidents that called Omarion’s character into question.

Watch B2K On ‘Drink Champs’

Omarion Reacts

Omarion took to Twitter on Labor Day and seemingly addressed his former bandmate’s interview on “Drink Champs.”

The singer advised people not to be gullible and to do their own research regarding the things that were said by J. Boog, Lil Fizz, and Raz B (who really didn’t say much of anything at all).

Omarion tweeted, “Don’t be so gullible. Do your research and ask the right questions. Admit your short comings and keep it moving. 😎🙏🏾”

See his original tweet below.

Omarion Trends On Twitter

Omarion is currently trending on Twitter as the public reacts to the B2K interview on “Drink Champs.”

One person tweeted, “Omarion broke up the group to go solo and he can’t even sing.”

Another person wrote, “It’s crazy how the whole interview Boog and Fizz kept saying it’s all love towards Omarion but sh*t on him the entire podcast! They even had moments where they butt heads with Razz on the show! It’s clear they have a disdain for all things current!”

Read more Twitter reactions to the interview below.

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