Kiely Williams, formerly of 3LW, explained in a recent ET interview why it sounded like she had a lisp on 3LW’s 2000 hit single, “No More.”

Kiely said it was a plug-in box called an Antares which caused her vocals to sound like she had a lisp on the song.

According to Kiely, when her vocals were mixed the Antares corrected her vocals, but gave her a lisp.

So a really long time ago, ancient times before there was like Pro-Tools where you could just auto-tune on the machine.

There was a plug-in, it was like in the studio, it was a plug-in box and it was called an Antares.

And, this machine like all new technology was a little hanky, and when they went to mix my vocals… the Antares corrected the notes but gave me a lisp.

I don’t!… There is no other explanation for it.

If you turned the Antares off, I didn’t have a lisp, but all my notes were wrong.

So they were like which one is better.

Wow! I’ve been thinking she had a lisp for 21 years.

After doing some research, I found that an Antares is indeed a ARTICULATOR Evo Digital Talk Box Plug-in.

During the interview, Kiely also talked about the solo music she put out when she was 24 and trying to figure out her place in the world.

She said she thinks she is far removed from that type of music today and she is currently focused on her new reality series, “BET Presents The Encore,” that premiered on June 9 on BET.

If your a fan of R&B girl groups from the 90’s and 2000’s it’s a must watch.

Watch the ET interview below:

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