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India Arie took to Instagram over the weekend with a heartfelt letter sharing her plans to step away from music for her well-being.

The 48-year-old platinum-selling recording artist and 4X Grammy Award winner wrote, “My nervous system is a wreck.” 

She added, “These last 4 years really broke my heart and going out and singing my songs in the name of healing… is not the remedy for ME. I need healing too.”

So, in the name of my mental health, I NEED to stay home.

India Arie was very honest when she shared, “But, now that I see the world all different ways since 2020, as we all do, I’m having a hard time being inspired to take on the absolute heavy lifting it takes to go on the road with 19 people.”

See the post and read India’s full statement below. (Swipe embed for more)

India Arie received support and encouraging words from her peers. 

JoJo wrote: 

Wooooooo. This hits. I hope you are feeling the love and respect pouring in.

It takes courage to prioritize your holistic happiness and well being.

We have not really been given instructions on how to do that and what it looks like.

Much of what you said here as far as the disillusionment is something I can reeeeally relate to.

It can be so confusing to no longer know quite how to connect to what you’ve done for so long.

You’re not alone. I appreciate you so much. Love.

Luenell commented: 

It takes a smart, tuned in woman to listen to, and then follow your inner spirit, your instincts some may call it. Do you. Take your time.

As people have said in the comments, we love you, and clearly you love yourself enough not to succumb to the BS in this business at the loss of your own spirit. #LongLifeLuenell

Sterling K. Brown wrote, “See You when you’re ready ✊🏿”

I think it’s safe to say India Arie has become disenchanted with the post-Covid world we now live in – especially when it comes to artistry.

You may recall in July 2023, she publicly criticized Megan Thee Stallion’s Fan Twerk-A-Thon at Essence Fest. 

She wrote, in part, “The issue is what is CONTEXT. Humanity does EVERYTHING. But does EVERYTHING BELONG IN A STAGE? No. is everything for KIDS? No. is everything for EVERYBODY? NO.”

Sending positive vibes and energy to India Arie.

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