D.L. Hughley and Luenell via Instagram

After Katt Williams shook the table on comedians it’s refreshing to see D.L. Hughley and Luenell showing each other love on social media with beautiful appreciation posts.

The legendary comedians recently worked together and took to social media afterward to cover one another with words of support and love.

Luenell wrote:

@realdlhughley is a REAL one. (Swipe and Listen) from his Stand Up Comedy to his acting roles to his podcast and interviews, DL stands ten toes down and Always HAS.

Intelligent, educated and well read.

He doesn’t bite his tonguez Even before our Comic View days DL is one of the first comics I ever worked with professionally.

Back when I was making only like $50.00.

On this particular night, he shared with me some of his thoughts about me and gave me complements and praise that I rarely receive from my peers and definitely not face-to-face.

I held back my tears because there were so many cameras in our face.

DL, you are my friend and I love you.

Keep pouring into people like me, because no matter how long I’ve been in the business, it matters.

Hope to see even more of you in 2024. 🎤

D.L. Hughley returned the love writing:

My sister from another mister… you know how much I love you, but I’ll keep on saying it.

There are some people that are just blessed with a natural ability to tell a story and make people laugh, the people that light up a room and “bring the crowd”; that is you my dear.

Thank You for sharing your gift with the world and allowing people to laugh and forget their troubles for a little bit.

Even when I’m not there, I’m clapping for you👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the realest you’ll ever meet… my sister @luenell 💐💐💐💐

See the original post below. 

Love to see it! 

There’s nothing like having a real one in your corner! 

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