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Update: Desiigner Charged With Indecent Exposure

Desiigner has officially been charged with indecent exposure after the rapper allegedly self-pleasured himself on a Delta Airlines flight. 

TMZ reports the “Timmy Turner” rapper, whose real name is Sidney Royel Selby III, was sitting in first class with his private parts exposed and pleasuring himself. 

The flight attendant had to ask Desiigner to stop multiple times before he was escorted to the back of the plane where his friends monitored him.

An FBI affidavit says a jar of Vaseline fell to the floor as the rapper left his seat.

When the plane landed in Minneapolis authorities spoke with Desiigner, who more than likely should have remained silent.

According to documents, the rapper admitted he “didn’t really get much cootie” while in Japan.

He also allegedly said that he was aroused by the flight attendant and “kind of showed her the magic stick” thinking it would give her “encouragement.” 

I previously reported that Desiigner released a statement on social media saying that he was going to check himself into a mental health facility to get help. 

He also said that he was “ashamed of his actions that happened on the plane.”

The rapper did mention in his statement that he was hospitalized overseas and they gave him meds. 

However, authorities documented that Desiigner stated he did not take the prescribed meds and he did not appear to be impaired during his interview with the FBI.

Original Story (April 20, 2023)

“Panda” rapper Desiigner recently admitted himself to a mental health facility after he allegedly exposed himself on an airplane.

In a statement posted on his Instagram Story, Desiigner alleged he was on meds when the incident occurred and confessed that he is “ashamed of his actions.”

Read the full statement below.

For the past few months i have not been ok, and i have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on. While overseas for a concert i performed at, i had to be admitted in to a hospital, i was not thinking clearly. They gave me meds, and i had to hop on a plane home. I am ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed back to the states, and am admitting my self in a facility to help me. I will be cancelling all of my shows and any obligations until further notice. Mental health is real guys, please pray for me. If your not feeling like yourself please get help.

See Desiigner’s original Instagram Story post below:

According to sources, Desiigner exposed himself and was reprimanded by a flight attendant.

He was met by cops when his plane landed in Minneapolis, questioned, and released.

In June 2022, Desiigner made headlines for snapping on cops in L.A. who stopped him for driving without a license plate.

The issue was resolved after more officers showed up to diffuse the situation.

Desiigner has also had a few unfavorable social media posts since the incident with the LAPD.

We pray that Desiigner gets the help he needs in the mental health facility.

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Source: TMZ

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