The parents of 22-year-old Nygil Cullins recently spoke out about how the delayed response from police to their 911 mental health call potentially caused their son’s death at Fogo De Chao restaurant in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Nygil’s mother called the police, from his apartment on Wednesday (May 18), and she told them that her son was not in the right state of mind and he needed to be transported to a behavioral health facility.

She said she explained to the police in great detail that her son suffers from mental health issues, and they need to send someone out that is trained to handle people with mental health issues.

I let them know my son has mental health issues.

I’m not sure if he uses any substances in reference to pills, mari… I don’t know!

But I explained to them in great detail, my biggest fear when I got on the phone with them, I said he’s an African American male please make sure whoever shows up is trained and knowledgeable so when they deal with my son I don’t have to worry about my son being killed.

Nygil’s mom also said she told the police that he was in a “maniac phase to degree that we didn’t know if he was going to do harm to himself or what. We need help.”

Nygil Cullins left his apartment prior to the police arriving and went to Fogo De Chao in Buckhead, a restaurant he used to work at. 

Reportedly, someone from the restaurant called the police and said an unruly patron had a gun.

At some point, the security guard tackled Nygil, and he allegedly pulled out his gun and shot the security guard.

The police shot Nygil after witnessing him shoot the security guard.

The security guard survived, and he is in the hospital recovering.

Nygil’s mom said it took two hours for the police to respond to her initial call when Nygil was at his apartment.

And she believes had they responded earlier and taken Nygil to the psychiatric hospital as requested he would still be alive.

Watch the Atlanta 11 Alive news reports below:

Nygil’s mother goes into detail about what she told the police in the video below:

We send our condolences to Nygil’s family.