Deyjah Harris gives Chika advice

Deyjah Harris took to Twitter and offered Chika advice on healthier ways to manage her mental health and emotions.

The advice comes on the heels of Chika taking to social media to go on an offensive rant about Deyjah’s 2-year-old niece Hunter Zoelle.

The advice comes after Chika went on a distasteful and offensive rant about two children on her redeye flight to Los Angeles. 

One of the children turned out to be the daughter of Deyjah Harris’ sister, Zonnique Pullins.

After getting roasted on Twitter, Chika weaponized her mental health challenges as an excuse for her behavior. 

Deyjah saw Chika’s “explanation” video and responded via Twitter.

She wrote, “i just happened to be scrolling and i saw this video 😬 i know it’s long and i know nobody cares (let alone her) about anything i have to say but /; when mental health is brought up, i have something to say🫤”

Deyjah Harris’ continued:

As someone who deals with depression, anxiety, self harm, attempts or ideation myself…

I understand being on the verge of having a panic attack or feeling the need to release your anger, but this was NOT the way to go about it.

There are so many more healthier ways to release your emotions.

You came to the internet, talked about children as a grown woman and called my loved ones out of their names…that (to me) is not equivalent of releasing your anger, but rather it shows that you are not emotionally mature/intelligent and it feels like there is no accountability being taken on your end /;

Obviously, nobody wants you to hurt yourself!!!!

You could have journaled about this, you could have asked a flight attendant for some headphones and listened to meditation/rain sounds to help reframe your thoughts, you could’ve even communicated to the person you shaded on social media WHILE IN PERSON, booked an appointment with your therapies once you landed…

You have plenty of options so you must be honest with YOURSELF + keep it real as to why you brought this to social media because saying it was “a way to release anger or prevent you from having a panic attack” is not it /;

See Deyjah’s original post below. 

Hopefully, Chika will learn from this tomfoolery, as well as the grace Deyjah Harris extended to her.

Because I can honestly admit the Lord is still working on me and she more than likely would have received hands instead of advice.

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