Former B2K singer Raz B has allegedly been placed on a 72-hour hold by Kansas City police, according to his brother Ricky Romance

A 72-hour hold, commonly known as a 5150 or 5585, is an involuntary mental health hospitalization. 

During this hold, a specialized team evaluates patients for safety and reviews the appropriate steps needed for securing stabilization. 

In an update posted on his Instagram page, Ricky Romance thanked everyone for their prayers for Raz B. 

“I’m just grateful I didn’t wake up this morning and find him in a ditch on the side of the f**king road,” he said.

Ricky went on to share that his brother is not under arrest, but he is being held for further observations and evaluations. 

He added that Raz’s father and his fiancée are nearby and they are just waiting to hear from him.

See Ricky Romance’s video update below.


This update comes on the heels of a series of strange and unfortunate events involving the singer.

Raz B, who now stars on Zeus Networks’ “Bad Boys Texas,” took to social media and recanted the abuse allegations he has maintained against Chris Stokes for years. 

The post has now been deleted.

But, before the post, Raz B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, went live to show off his broken wrist and told his fans that he fell off of a moving car while trying to get away from a dangerous situation. 

He began referring to himself as the “prodigal son” and apologized to Chris Stokes.

He told Chris, “Right now, I need you more than ever.”

Please join me in sending prayers and positive energy to Raz B for whatever he may be going through at this time.

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