The Atlanta Hawks Mic’d Up Comedian DC Young Fly

The Atlanta Hawks mic’d up comedian and actor DC Young Fly at the Hawks vs. Grizzlies game on Sunday, March 26, and the footage is hilarious.

I’ve never heard of the NBA micing up stars at a game, but the Hawks got the right one in DC Young Fly.

He let rapper Boosie know immediately that he was mic’d up before Boosie said something that might’ve got them both kicked out of the arena.

Boosie quickly confirmed that he heard DC correctly, and asked him, “They got you mic’d up?”

DC said yeah, and they both burst out in laughter.

DC then called out Hawks player Dejounte Murray while he was warming up, and Dejounte came over and gave DC some dap and a hug.

After getting some “free food,” DC returned to his courtside seat and started heckling ref “43” and Memphis
Grizzlies’ bad boy Dillon Brooks.

DC stood up and was yelling at Brooks because he was in the Hawks’ star point guard, Trae Young’s face.

Arena security came over to DC and told him to calm down, and he told them, “Aight, aight, well, tell them they can’t get in Trae’s face.”

DC had a moment of reflection when he pointed out that he used to be up in the cheap seats, but now he’s courtside because “God is Good!”

Watch the video clip of DC Young Fly mic’d up at the Hawks/Grizzlies game below:

DC, basically, did a chocolate chip cookies commercial for the Hawks while he was mic’d up as well.

Thank you, Atlanta Hawks and DC Young Fly, for capturing these moments.

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