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Ms Jacky Oh passes away at 32- DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly Pleads For The Return Of His Stolen Book Bag

DC Young Fly took to Instagram on Tuesday (Feb 20) and issued a public plea for the safe return of his book bag, which had Jacky Oh’s death certificate inside of it.

According to the 31-year-old comedian and actor, the bag was stolen out of a car near the Hollywood Improv on Monday night.

DC Young Fly posted two videos online pleading with the thieves to simply drop the bag back off at the venue because it contained personal items including Jacky Oh’s death certificate.

He said:

I was really trying to refrain from this video, bruh.

I just want my book bag back.

I got some personal belongings in that MF. You feel me?

I got some personal belongings in that MF, bruh.

It wasn’t no money – it wasn’t nothing. It’s just the personal s— that’s in there.

I really hate that I have to do all this s—, bro.

Just bring me my bag, bro.

The bag got my girl death certificate in it, it got personal belongings in it, I just need the bag bro.

Watch the video clip below. 

In a second video, DC Young Fly continued his public plea for the return of his property that contained very important personal items.

The Death Of Jacky Oh


DC Young Fly’s longtime partner, Jacky Oh passed away suddenly in June 2023 following after suffering complications following a cosmetic procedure. 

Jacky, whose real name was Jacklyn Smith, met when DC made his debut on “Wild ’N Out” in 2015. 

She and DC fell in love and were a couple for nearly a decade.

They welcomed three beautiful children together, daughters Nova and Nala, and their baby boy, Prince, in July 2022.

Social Media Reactions

Folks have taken to their Twitter timelines to react to DC Young Fly having his book bag stolen.

Read a few tweets below.


Hopefully, someone will show some decency and return the book bag to DC Young Fly.

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