Boosie Says He Learned About His Daughter, Iviona Hatch, Coming Out, On Social Media

Boosie said in a recent interview that he found out his 21-year-old daughter, Iviona Hatch, was gay on social media.

Iviona posted a now-deleted picture online with her girlfriend in January along with the caption, “Endlessly in love with you.”

Social media instantly started dragging Boosie because of the homophobic comments he’s made in the past.

During an interview, Boosie said Iviona has always been a private person, and she never really talked to him about any of her relationships.

I learned through it through social media like you.

Like, I woke up to it…

My daughter never really came to me, personally, and talked about no relationship.

She’s never came to me and talked to me about relationships.

You know, ah… She’s more of a to herself person…

Watch the clip of the Boosie interview from VLAD TV below:

Boosie said despite homosexuality never being accepted in his family, they are going to “love her to death.”

He also said that Iviona Hatch is grown, and she can do whatever she wants.

Her coming out at this age is… that’s the time you supposed to… that’s when you know what you want…

Finna be 22… That’s when you know what you want.

You know, and ah, even though it’s not… it won’t be accepted as far as… because I don’t want nobody in my other family to think it’s okay.

But, what she does, we’re not gonna, we’re not gonna, we’re not gonna… We’re going to love her to death.

We gon love her, you know, we gon love her to death.

But, at the same time, it’s our southern… our family… it’s never been that way.

You know, it’s never been accepted, it’s never… we got our preacher grandfather, grandmother a preacher, like, you know, like…

But, at the same time, she grown. She can do what the hell she want.

Watch the clip of the Boosie interview from VLAD TV below:

Boosie’s daughter Iviona Hatch is also known as rapper Poison Ivi.

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