Memphis Grizzlies Small Forward Dillon Brooks Attempts To Break The Internet

Memphis Grizzlies small forward Dillon Brooks, who is known for mixing it up on the court, attempted to break the internet with his game-day ensemble.

The fit is very eclectic, consisting of a black fishermen’s vest, distressed denim shorts, a black leather belt (possibly designer), and red and white socks and sneakers.

He’s also wearing red frame shades (possibly designer).

In the video clip, Dillon Brooks appears to be walking down the hall of a basketball arena.

The person filming him yell’s out, “This the one right here,” as he walks down the hallway, which seemingly encourages him to say, “Imma break it, imma break it… break the internet!”

The Grizzlies have a home game tonight (February 28) against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Watch the video clip of Dillon Brooks posted to Instagram by the NBA and the Memphis Grizzlies below:

Dillon has the reputation of a bad boy on the court.

He is a physical player who doesn’t back down from anyone.

He’s been in several on-court skirmishes, most recently with Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell.

He also got into a trash-talking argument with NFL Hall of Famer and sports analyst Shannon Sharpe at a Lakers game last month.

Given his on-the-court antics, Dillon is not liked by most people outside of Memphis.

Many commenters gave Dillon’s “break the internet” fit two thumbs down.

Scoop some comments below:

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