Black Chyna Talks About Her Transformation To Angela White

Blac Chyna has been the talk of the town and this time, it’s for all of the right reasons.

Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, said her evolution is a result of “being sick and tired of being sick and tired” and wanting to be a better person and mother to her kids.

She recently told TMZ:

You know what for me, honestly, I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired, you know?

I just, honestly, wasn’t living my life right. So, I was just attracting all this negativity, and I wanted to, honestly, dig deep and really see, like, what’s my purpose, like, why am I here?

Why am I here on earth? And just really find myself because, you know, being in the industry for so long you will lose yourself.

So I wanted to get back to myself, and, you know, become a better mom, a bettter friend, be more spiritual, more business savy, and really show the real person that I am and not this persona that I was putting on.

…So for my birthday the only thing I wanted to do was get baptized.

So I got baptized on my birthday. So I was reborn on my birthday.

And then from there, I just, you know, I kind of dug deep, and, you know, practiced solitude, and really just was able to focus on myself and like do the work.

You know, like do the work within myself. Meaning being alone, working out, practicing sobriety, the bible.

Those are the three things that I’ve been doing for the past seven months, and I’ve just been finding myself more and more.

I just want to be happy, like, I just want to be peaceful with myself, you know, and now like I realize my kids are going to be seven and 11 this year.

And I want to be a positive reflection on them. So that the generations that’s to come can also have that peace, and that stability and balance in their life so that they can become successful and not fall victim to the things that really, honestly, is not a good thing, and none of those things, like, serve me.

And that’s just like really what it was for me.

Angela White - Blac Chyna

Angela said she has no bad blood against the Kardashians, and the older and wiser she gets, she realizes we have to forgive and forget and open up our hearts so we can be successful and have healthy relationships for ourselves and for the babies that didn’t ask to be here.

She said she thinks that everybody is happy, and “as long as Dream is happy she’s happy.”

Watch the Angela White interview below:

Watch the video below of Angela being baptized:

Angela’s transformation included:

  • Removal of her face fillers.
  • A breast reduction.
  • Removing some of her butt injections.
  • Getting rid of her OnlyFans account.
  • Getting baptized.
  • Removing a “demonic” tattoo.
  • Practicing solitude.
  • Practicing sobriety.

For more on her transformation, watch Angela’s recent interview with Tamron Hall below.

Many more attributes contribute to the confident, motivated, and inspired person that Angela has become.

We are extremely happy to see Angela White with this positive energy, and we pray that she goes on to do great things.

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Source: TMZ

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