DC Young Fly and Ms Jacky Oh (via Instagram)

DC Young Fly opened up about the loss of Ms Jacky Oh and how seeing other women with BBLs is a painful reminder that she “didn’t make it.” 

The comedian and actor was a recent guest on Cam Newton’s “Funky Friday” podcast and he shared what he says he will never share again.

If you look at the women today.

It’s a lot of women who have BBLs…when I go outside I’m constantly reminded…they made it.

Here go another big booty – she made it.

Go in the club…all these MFs in here made it.

You see what I’m saying?

Ms Jacky Oh passes away at 32- DC Young Fly
DC Young Fly and Ms Jacky Oh (via Instagram)

DC Young Fly implored men love on their women and listen to them… reminding them that they are beautiful. 

He also advised men to encourage their women to love their bodies and to never make them feel like they need enhancements.

I get why women want to enhance themselves. I get it. But, fellas, we have to do more on just continuously telling our women, ‘You’re beautiful.’

We have to continuously tell them that they’re gorgeous. Don’t make your woman feel like she has to go do something…Even if you’re f— with another chick. No. You just love a woman…that’s it.

DC told women to listen to their men when they advise them against surgery.

Watch the clip below.

Ms Jacky Oh, who is the mother of DC Young Fly’s three beautiful children, passed away in May 2023 after suffering complications from a mommy makeover and BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). 

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Just a reminder, like with any surgery, there are risks involved, even with cosmetic procedures.

My condolences and prayers to all who loved and cherished Jacky.

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